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At Crossfit Bear Strength, we utilize a careful program of intense and varied movements to get you into the best shape of your life.

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Membership at Crossfit Bear Strength is simple. You pay $90 for your foundations course, and $85/mo. for every month after that. No contracts. No hassles.

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First Workout Free

Your first workout at Crossfit Bear Strength is free! Just call and give us a heads up about your visit, and check out a class for yourself.

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What is CrossFit?

It’s a fitness program

CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program utilizing a constantly varied mixture of functional movements performed at high intensity to gain maximum results. In other words, at CrossFit, we’ll take a bunch of different exercises that mimic every day movements like picking something up from the ground, (deadlift) placing something overhead, (press) sitting down and getting up (squats) and apply them to exercises that will teach you the proper way to accomplish these tasks safely with proper form and a greater work capacity or strength. 

It’s a community

CrossFit is a community of like-minded athletes who meet at local boxes (that’s what we call a CrossFit gym) all over the world to help each other become the fittest and healthiest versions of themselves. Don’t be surprised if after coming to CrossFit for a stronger body you end up staying for some of the strongest relationships you’ve ever had. Here at CrossFit, we intend to not only help each other be better physically but we care for and support each other as friends.

It’s a culture

Those of us who do CrossFit often refer to ourselves as CrossFitters. It’s not difficult to spot another CrossFitter since we have a fairly distinct style (knee high compression socks and board shorts) and we speak our own language made up of familiar acronyms (WOD=Workout of the Day) and lingo like “Hey, what’s your Fran time?” Wanna know who Fran is? Come see us and ask for Fran and we will be happy to introduce you!

It’s fun

Above all, CrossFit is a fun way to get into the most amazing shape of your life. Come see for yourself!


You may have some questions like:

I’ve seen some YouTube videos or I watched the CrossFit Games on ESPN and I’m pretty sure I can’t do half of the things I’ve seen people do there. Is CrossFit still for me?

Definitely! It is true that CrossFit is the kind of program that involves people accomplishing some pretty amazing feats of strength, balance, agility, endurance and overall athleticism but it’s important to realize that no of them started there. The athletes on YouTube and at the Games have spent several years of very dedicated CrossFit training to get to that level. The great thing about CrossFit is that EVERY workout is scalable so that every single person who walks through our doors can participate in every workout and challenge their bodies to be the fittest they’ve ever been.



CrossFit Bear Strength is located in 1500 sq. feet of space on Main Street one mile south of downtown Jonesboro. At Crossfit Jonesboro, you won’t find any of fancy equipment or tv’s. Instead, you’ll find some Olympic barbells, pull up bars, medicine balls, kettlebells, a rubber floor and hard working people.  



Leon McKenzie

Justin Sprueil
Coach (overall CrossFit beast!!)


*CrossFit Bear Strength offers discounts for military, first responders and teachers.



  • Group classes

    Intense fitness classes led by enthusiastic trainers.

  • Personal training

    One-on-one training sessions with a certified Crossfit coach.

  • Yoga

    Stretching and conditioning for healthier minds and bodies.

9396 S. Main Street
Jonesboro, GA 30236
(404) 414-4402

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